4¡¢ PCB production line gripper heavy duty rubber clamp

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Dec,31, 2023

1.It has strong anti-corrosion ability, won't pollute the chemical solutions, and can save cost; 2.With the hermetic conductive design, it has a good electric conductivity; 3.It won't be adhered to by copper particles and the board clamped won't drop down while working; 4.It's convenient to operate and it won't damage the printed circuit boards Line Type: Automatic Plating Lines Used for: Electrolytic processes The material: Stainless Steel Coating: Clamp tips coated with Polypropylene Our top loading Clamps are ideal for Automatic electroplating lines. In general, clamps are installed on the flight bar and remain fixed in position for an extended period of time. These are not recommended for users who plan to remove the racks from the flight bar in between each cycle. Once the clamps are installed, the operator simply lifts the panel into place and tightens the clamp shut (different tightening methods possible) Advantages: ¡¤ Quick loading times, means operators spend less time racking the panels in place ¡¤ Panels loaded from the top means more room for panels in the plating tank. Longer vertical racks such as our Copper Core racks need 2 inches in between each panel to fit the rack in. ¡¤ Reduced wear to rack since only the tip of the rack is submerged in chemical solutions ¡¤ Easy, in-house maintenance possible

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