Hydraulic Pilot Control Valves

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2JT Series Pilot control Valve Application Pilot valve series products are mainly used in the control oil circuits of hydraulic system, through the pilot valve to control the output pressure of the pilot oil, to meet working conditions of the system. To achieve remote control of multiple valves, pumps and motors high response proportional hydraulic control valve, widely used in excavators, loaders, rippers and Functions and features 1. Adopting the way of foot manipulation; 2. Mainly used in low pressure control circuits; 3. Small size, light weight, easy to install; 4. By replacing the spring to meet different output requirements of customers 'need; 5. Strong durability; 6. Choose flexible installation location;

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Ningbo Yuzhou Hydraulic specialized in mobile hydraulic valves and motors, Including hydraulic motors, flow sharing control valve, slewing cushion valve, balance valve, proportional valve, cartridge valve, relief valve, check valve etc, which are widely used in concrete pump machinery, excavators, mobile cranes, forklift, hydraulic winches, drilling equipment, garbage trucks, agricultural/forestry machines, Aerial Work Platforms etc.