SAMSUNG nozzle

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Dec,31, 2023

CP45 TN040 SAMSUNG CP45 NEO NOZZLE ¡é0.8/0.38 TN065 SAMSUNG CP45 NEO NOZZLE ¡é1.5/0.65 TN140 SAMSUNG CP45 NEO NOZZLE ¡é2.2/1.4 TN220 SAMSUNG CP45 NEO NOZZLE ¡é3.6/2/2 TN400 SAMSUNG CP45 NEO NOZZLE ¡é6.0/4.0 TN750 SAMSUNG CP45 NEO NOZZLE ¡é9.0/7.5 TN1100 SAMSUNG CP45 NEO NOZZLE ¡é12.7/11.0 CP50 TN030 SAMSUNG CP50 NOZZLE ¡é0.8/0.28 TN040 SAMSUNG CP50 NOZZLE ¡é0.8/0,4 TN045 SAMSUNG CP50 NOZZLE ¡é1.0/0.45 TN080 SAMSUNG CP50 NOZZLE ¡é1.5/0.8 TN140 SAMSUNG CP50 NOZZLE ¡é2.2/1.4 TN240 SAMSUNG CP50 NOZZLE ¡é4.0/2.4 TN400 SAMSUNG CP50 NOZZLE ¡é6.0/4.0 TN750 SAMSUNG CP50 NOZZLE ¡é9.0/7.5 TN1100 SAMSUNG CP50 NOZZLE ¡é12.7/11.0

Company Profile

ZK Electronic Technology Co., Limited Headquarters are located in Shenzhen,China,which is 20 minutes to Shenzhen Airport.ZK was established in 2005,highly professional in Surface-Mount Technology area and supports most major brands of electronic assembly equipments with a large selections of compatible SMT automotive spare parts, such like Fuji, Hitachi, Juki, Panasonic(KME), Yamaha/Assembleon(Phillips), Sanyo, SIPLACE(SIEMENS), Universal and Yamaha on a quotation basis. Our company main business as follows: 1. Used JUKI SMT equipment We Buy, Sell and Trade SMT Equipment£¬specifically JUKI Pick&placement Machine. All equipment leaving our facilities is guaranteed to be fully functional, with no missing parts and in full working condition. 2. SMT automotive spare parts We have good source and large ready stock for major brand SMT automotive spare parts. Such as, feeder/feeder parts, nozzle/nozzle holder/nozzle shaft, laser sensor, servo motor, driver, controller board, solenoid valve, ball screw, belt, cable, sensor etc.