Luxury massage bathroom spa control

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Dec,31, 2024

1. Max Allow Configuration     1) Surfing pump: 3-4x3HP     2) Circulating pump: 1x1HP     3) Blower: 1x1HP     4) Heater: 2-1x3KW (Must be equiped with Ethink Heater)     5) Ozone: 8W/12VAC     6) LED light: 25W/12VAC     7) Auto-replenishing water: 5W/12V     8) Drainage: 1KW/220V     9) Overcurrent protection for circulating pump 2.Main Function Summary     1) Three working modes: Normal Mode, Economy Mode and Filter Mode.     2) Plug-and-play mode, easy to operate and install.     3) 24 hours clock display and circulation cleaning function set up.     4) Max allow 6KW power of the heater, water temperature display and setting function.     5) Max allow 4 surfing pumps and 1 circulating pump (or 3 surfing pumps and 1 double speed pump) and a blower      6) Multiple lights synchronously change color or fix color, light brightness is adjustable.      7) Automatically anti-freeze.     8) Double color button backlighting.     9) Single phase, three phase or biphase 110V input, 110-120VAC or 220-240VAC output.    10) Ozone and exra load AUX output.    11) Overcurrent protection for circulating pump and low-voltage part (Light and Ozone).    12) Switchbank can select various functions.    13) Replenishing water and mandatory drainage.     14) Error code hinting.

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Ethink is the unique professional manufacturer in the field of SPA control system and SPA heater in China mainland. We have rich experience in new products reasearch and programme optimization. We can design and tailor the function according to customer's demand. Since 2004, we designed the first outdoor SPA control system. So far,we have obtained significant progress and huge development in the market of outdoor massage bathtub control system. Through practice, we finally marketed four series of products based on most clients' requirement. In China market, we have been relaible partner for lots of customers, such as JAZZI, JNJ, MEXDA, Winer, Kingston and so on. Since 2009, we have cooperated with an America client, and till now he regularly place large orders every month. No flashy words, we just do what we should do. Good quality, stable performance and continuous improvement are our permanent pursuit. We will provide our customer competitive products with core technology and suitable price.