Mr. Keshav Gandhi

Mr.Keshav Gandhi – Director

He has 25 years of experience in International Trading and Marketing. Mr. Gandhi has provided successfully his service to major Japanese companies, Koreans Companies, and Chinese Companies to establish their grounds in Indian Market. As e-commerce emerge, he saw the opportunity for e-commerce portals to provide service the same way he used to provide except it was much easier to communicate & business can be done faster so he came up with the idea and MATRIX was born. Now he is devoting his time to develop and market the business module.

Dr.Arvind Chaturvedi

Dr.Arvind Chaturvedi – Director

He has master degree in Economics from Kanpur University, India and Ph.D. in Economics, IIT, Delhi . He has special interest in Econometrics, Advertising & Marketing Research. He also thought postgraduate students in Management program at IMI, New Delhi. His previous experiences helped Matrix to expand faster with partners in the field of Online Business Opportunity. He is SUPPORTING Business Development Department, where company works with International web portals for exchanging the contents, trade links, group buying modules, working towards building larger working platform.

Mr.Raman Deep Gandhi

Mr.Raman Deep Gandhi - Director

He has more than 17 years of experience in Business. He was a part of making decisions and marketing. He has in depth knowledge of Multimedia/Software/Networking. He is currently taking care of technical matters for day-to-day development and designing of the web portals.