Metal-Clad Closed Withdrawable Switchgear Panel (KYN28)

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Dec,31, 2023

KYN28-12 indoor metalclad withdrawable switchgear is designed to be complete distribution equipment with three-phase A. C. Singe busbar and single busbar section system having a rated voltage of 3.6~12kV and rated frequency of 50Hz. The switchgear is mainly employed in receiving and distribution of power energy from the network as well as starting of large-sized HV motors. In addition, the switchgear is provided with controlling, protection and monitoring functions. The switchgear conforms to IEC 298, GB 3906, DL/T404-91 and other standards. The switchgear itself owns five prevention functions such as prevention of misoperation of circuit breakers, prevention of pushing or pulling truck with load, prevention of closing earth switch under voltage, prevention of supplying power when earth switch is at the earth position and prevention of entering the electrical separation zone by accident. The switchgear selects not only VS1 vacuum circuit breakers but also ABB made VD4 vacuum circuit breaders, thus recogninzed as power distribution equipment with excellent performance.

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