Angle steel bars (corner iron)

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sliver of steel two sides are mutually perpendicular to the right angled .Its specification can be presented by the one side width * on the other side width * side thickness (mm). Features: 1) Size: 25 x 25mm~180 x 180mm 2) Length: 6m 3) Spec: Q195 ~ 235 Packing: Bare bundle The types: The angle steel bars is popularly named corner iron, its section is (1) Hot rolling equal-angle steel bars (GB9787-88) The specifications scope from 2#to20#. (2) Hot rolling unequal sides¡¯ angle steel bars (GB978-88) The specifications scope from 2.5/1.6#to20/12.6#. (3) Angle steel bar used for ship (YB167-65, YB170-63) (4) L Steel (GB9946-88) The hot rolling L steel, called the unequal sides and thickness angle steel is the new structure steel which adapts to the need to produce large-scale ships construction. Its specification can be expressed: abdomen height (h)* area width (b)* abdomen thickness (t)* panel thickness (T) (mm).

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