KFRP Aramid Member For Optical Cables

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2. Features: 1) Light weight and high strength: KFRP has the characteristics of low density and high strength. Its ratio of strength and modulus are higher than those of steel wire and GFRP; 2) Low expansion: KFRP has a lower coefficient of thermal expansion than steel wire and GFRP in a wide range of temperature; 3) Impact and break resistance: KFRP has much higher tensile strength (¡Ý1700Mpa). Even it is broken, the remained tensile strength could be 1300Mpa; 4) Good flexibility: KFRP is flexible and easy to be bent. Its minimum bending diameter is 24 times of the diameter of KFRP rod; 5) Good aesthetic and flexible, especially for the indoor layout.

Company Profile

Wuxi Dobest is specialized in high-tech nonmetallic reinforced core for optical cable---FRP, the crystallization of high-tech, high starting point and Chinese new industry. Having adequately exerted the advantages in capital and technology since founded, the company has developed and produced all sizes and models of products from φ0.4-φ4.5MM. The 13 projects tested by national authoritative institutes (example: WRI, SECRI, etc.) all accord with and exceed every technical index of national standard (YD/T1181.1-2002), reaching national leading level. In the past, it was used to adopt phosphating steel wire as reinforced core to produce optical cable in home. But with the quick development of science and technology, the original material (steel wire) shall be substituted by new functional material (FRP).