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Dec,31, 2023

this machine is used for embossing designs on the flat steel. so we call it embossing machine, it is one of the wrought iron machines, and widely used in iron embossing products. 1, embossing machine adopts module structure, and rational design, advanced technology. 2, using the double cycloid speed reducer, smooth, safe and reliable. 3, embossing machine set reasonable, moderate speed cold rolling, cold-rolled product lines to ensure clear and beautiful. 4, the overall processing performance, with leveling, straightening body. 5, manual processing and foot switch control of both, easy to operate, safe and reliable. 6, a wide range of processing, can be processed to 100mm ¡Á 100mm. 7, high efficiency, daily cold 8mm ¡Á 50mm flat iron 5 tons. 8, replacement of the mold easily, saving time, effort. this wrought iron embossing machine, we have three models. the all can emboss design on the flat steel, square bar, square pipe and round bar.this embossing machine is the best sell this year.Welcome friends to inquire,Any of a variety of embossing machine equipment you choose.

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