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Dec,31, 2021

Continuous casting was originally developed in Europe after World War II as an alternative method of producing cast iron bar stock without patterns and conventional molding methods. HBMCBar is one of the main suppliers of continuous cast iron bar in China. A water-cooled graphite die which is mounted onto a holding crucible, is machined to form the shape of the bar. As the bar is pulled horizontally from the crucible, the ferrostatic head pressure feeds the molten iron core, producing a fine-grained cast iron. The core is still molten iron while the out skin goes to solid when it exits the die. The entire bar cools in air until it is notched and broken off in standard lengths. The rim has a finer graphite structure in a matrix which is more ferritic than that in the center. The most notable characteristic of continuous cast iron is its fine-grained, dense, as-cast microstructure. Since the bar is pulled from the bottom of the holding crucible, dross, slag and other impurities float to the top, away from the opening of the die. Product Advantages Corrosion Resistance Fatigue Strength Hardness Heat Treat Response Machinability Reduced Scrap Surface finish Thermal Conductivity Vibration Damping Wear Resistance Weight Reduction customary packing

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Hebei Machinery Import and Export Co.,Ltd. is a specialized international business company that has been focusing on import and export business nearly forty years. Except owning several share holding and participating manufacturers a trading companies,Hebei Machinery reserved a large number of professional talents proficient in different fields. Hebei Machinery has adopted modernized management process,established sound quality warranty system and obtained the approval of ISO9001/Edition 2008 Quality System. All processes shall be operated by ourselves from studying drawing,exchange of technolgy,mould making,sample supply to material purchasing,proess making,process control,test.And we have a special team and test instuments to assure our good communication with clients,economic management and quality control.Now its annual import and export volume is more than 0.2 billion US Dollars. Over the last forty years, Hebei Machinery has been growing steadily in terms of business scpe and diversifications. Continuous cast iron bar and Mechanical spare parts mentioned in this catalogue are two of inportant business field Adhering to the principle of "Contrat Should Be Honored and Commercial Integrity Maintained",we will stengthen and improve its quality control system to satisfy the needs of the customers with its excellent goods and excellent services.