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Dec,31, 2018

Applications for 1KW -6KWSolar Home Lighting System: 1) Vehicles and vessels series: Military, Police, Ambulance, Trucks, Vans and cars carrying equipment and systems operated on AC / DC power. 2.) Industrial equipment series: solar power, wind power generation, gas discharge lamp etc. 3.) Office: computer, printer, duplicating machine, scanner, digital camera etc. 4.) Home electric appliance: Electric fan, vacuum cleaner, air conditioner, lights etc. 5.) Kitchen Appliance: microwave oven, electromagnetic oven, refrigerator etc. 6.) Power tool series: electric saw, drilling machine, punching machines, air compressor etc. 7.) Incandescent lighting, TV, Medium Fridges, Medium freezers, fans, Small-medium pumps etc. 8.) Kettles, pots, small heaters, microwaves Specifications: Inverter Solar / DC Inverter Type: Intelligent Wave: Pure Sine Rated Power: 1000W continuous output: 800w Peak Power: 1400-1500W Input Voltage: 24VDC Output Voltage: 220V AC Output Frequency: 50HZ Converter Efficiency: 80%

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