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Feb,10, 2021

WHITENERGY contains a vital star flower extract that collects droplets of water even in poor conditions of lack of water. In order to maximize the extraction efficiency and efficacy of star flowers, the ultra pressure and fermenting technique were applied. WHITENERGY is a product designed to show dual effects for skin pigments and dry skin caused by external stimuli, helping to develop into moisturizing and bright skin by moistening the skin with melanin-producing inhibitory effects.

Company Profile

"Although Dermalab Co., Ltd. has a short history, we are a small but strong company with experienced executives and passionate employees who are dedicated to developing natural materials. Since human being existed, people have always wanted to keep their skin healthy and young. So, With Korean and foreign universities and R&D organizations, Dermalab Co., Ltd. has been doing R&D about natural materials for skin by combining helpful natural products and science.