TEZ-80F Model APG Clamping Machine for epoxy resin insulators moulding

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Dec,31, 2023

Epoxy resin automatic pressure gelation(APG) clamping machine is hydraulic complete set equipment adopting APG technology to produce epoxy resin insulation parts, like support insulator, insulating sleeve, current transformer etc. It has functions of moulding, pressure holding, top core pulling, bottom core pulling, side injection, vertical and horizontal axis tilting, heating and automatic PID temperature control etc., suitable to be used for various epoxy resin insulation parts and current transformers production. This APG molding machine adopts whole frame welding structure and annealing process, free accessible from both sides, with fixing surface for heating plates and direct mould heating, premium quality linear motion guides, hanging carriage moving-plates. The complete APG moulding machine is consist of hydraulic system, electric control system, heating system, mechanical system etc. www.top-electric.cn 1- this APG molding machine adopt whole frame welding structure and annealing process, high technology performance, rigid machine frame. 2- Plate size: 800mmx800mm, one time punching for heater hole which ensure heater installation accuracy. 3- Injection control system fulfill precise control on injection speed and pressure. 4- Adopt premium quality linear motion guides and hanging carriage moving-plates, more reliable clamping, higher accuracy, convenient to operate. 5- Hydraulic system adopt PQ valve or servo motor, precisely set pressure and speed 6- Electric control cabinet integrated with MIT/Siemens/Delta PLC+TFT HMI control, simple operation. 7- Heating system adopt PLC+PID module or intelligent temperature control, equiped PT100, achieve accurate temperature control. 8- Stainless leakage-collecting tray for easier wash and clean. 9- Safety Grid for protection of workers, full enclosure grid or raster door. 10- Large opening distance for easier molds loading and unloading.

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Wenzhou Top Electric Co.,Ltd. is a customer-oriented company specialized in design, manufacture, sales and marketing of epoxy resin APG clamping machine and related epoxy resin insulators products. Starting from establishment, Top Electric is always dedicated to providing premium and reliable products, delivering products values with considerate services, through high standard workshop management and first-class trained employees, to create more value and save cost for customers. With unparalleled APG technology expertise, Top Electric could offer client a whole set of products and services, which include from APG mould development, APG machine design, raw material selection and preparation, APG production line automation and internet remote control etc. Top Electric Values & Beliefs: beyond culture; professional and dedicated; dare to innovate; win-win cooperation! Top Electric Principles: provide best mould clamping machine solution for differential requirements in actual production spot, improve efficiency and productivity by TOP technology. Assembled and designed in China, adopting advanced management methods and internationally reputed brands components, Top Electric is looking forward to cooperate with you from all over the world.