Fertilisafe™ Multi-Zone ART Workstation

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It is designed for use in applications that require a high level of control over environmental conditions. Applications can range from animal embryo culture in research to human embryo manipulation done in fertility laboratories. Key Benefits: ✓ Advanced Multiple (9+1) independent heated work surfaces ✓ Surveillance system with data logging ensures proper system operation for maximum sample protection ✓ Laminar airflow with ULPA filtration ensures 99.999% efficiency that is superior to ordinary HEPA filters ✓ Low noise and low vibration help to create a better working environment for the embryologist ✓ Provision for microscope integration ✓ Humidification system ✓ Available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the need of the laboratory

Company Profile

Esco Medical is one of the divisions of the Esco Group of Companies, the other two being the laboratory and pharmaceutical equipment divisions. Esco is now targeting innovative technological solutions for fertility clinics and laboratories. Esco Medical is positioned to become a leading manufacturer and innovator of high-quality equipment such as long-term embryo incubators, ART workstations, anti vibration table, time- lapse incubator and etc.