TA high-speed water absorption formula Kingston

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Indeed, has the structure of the best water absorption amount increases to force the boat speed becomes faster, TA high-speed water absorption formula Kingston, Kingston is fit to 40 knots era. I can be mounted stable to FRP boats. In part that is attached to the bottom of the ship as a cooling equipment of the main machine, there are two types of copper pipe and hose. By the environment of the harbor, the case to be mounted one each on the starboard-port also has more.

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Takazawa Manufacturing is a general manufacturer of devices and equipment for the sterns of boats as well as boats in general. Each day, they endeavor to respond promptly to customer orders, creating novel designs and quality products at a reasonable price. Their hope is to continue strengthening their technical capacity to widen the scope of companies that use and trust their products. Major Products: Propeller shafts, Hydraulic fishing boat equipment, Seal sterns.