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Dec,31, 2021

ADC Power Concept 400Hz Converters are manufactured with the state of the art, PWM and IGBT technology, producing microprocessor controlled pure sinewave output to critical loads. The converter systems supply and protect large sized networks, communication systems, scientific computer systems, intelligent engineering measuring devices and industrial automation systems: True double-conversion and PWM technology Inverter stage output Galvanic isolation transformer included Up to 90% efficiency Pure sinewave output LCD panel providing accurate detailed information about the Load, Batteries and Converter with advanced diagnostics. 3 Microprocessors: - Main control board - Rectifier board - Optional parallel control board Real time clock and calendar indicator 64 Recorded real-time events history RS232 and dry contacts for communicati on and remote monitoring Input/output customization available Compatible with international standards 1 year full warranty Warranty of 10 years for spare parts supply Experienced technical service and customer support Designed and manufactured under ISO9001 certification

Company Profile

The ADC group has been actively providing serious power protections on various industries in the South East Asia region. The companys reputation was gained through the constant endeavor in providing full range of leading modular power system solution for the most critical 7x24hours operation environment.