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Dec,31, 2023

It has perfect, stable, rapid-speed and high-utility, strong scalability and good compatibility electric power profession SCADA function, supports all kinds of acquisition process and control, integrates the function of the protective equipment management, operation order and so on, also can serve as the basic SCADA platform for all kinds of electric power application. It has artistic and convenient, strong usability, perfect specialized human-machine interface development and expression tool, provides comprehensive electric power specialized graph, form, curve/rod, statistics analysis, event alarm/record support. It has specialized real-time and historical database¡¯s definition and expression tool, transparent data management way, object-oriented database description, and uses graph human-machine interactive, causes the numerous and diverse work be simpler and more convenient, and enhances the system maintainability. Supports the domestic and foreign merchants¡¯ equipment communication protocol, such as CDT, Polling, Modbus, DNP 3.0, 1,801, IEC870-5-101/102/103/104 and so on; Supports the standard RS232/485/422, TCP/IP, UPD port access, supports each kind of board access, such as LonWork, Canbus, Profibus boards and so on. I t may act as the remote-control master station system, supports one to one or one to more multi-protocol exchange and transmission. Constitutes unified information system with the higher level data center. Provides the embedded and EXCEL two kinds of assistant forms systems, quickly manufacture each kind of artistic and practical real-time, historical forms as well as supports timing and summoning print out. Provides the sequential control function, group operation process, and may carry on monitoring simulation operation. Supports the operation of Anti-misclosedown; electrification latch-up switching-on switch; and user-defined condition latch-up.

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