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Hellmann 200 The Hellmann gauge is one of the most widely used precipitation gauges around the world. It is the standard gauge in 30 countries and the total number of the gauge is greater than 30,000. The Hellmann gauge is a non-recording gauge for both rain and snow measurement. It is about 43 cm high, with orifice area of 200 cm2. There are various versions of the Hellmann gauges, such as German Hellmann, Danish Hellmann, Polish Hellmann and Hungarian Hellmann. The design of the different versions of the gauge are very similar (Sevruk and Klemm, 1989); they all have the same orifice area. A metal cross is installed in the Danish Hellmann gauge to prevent snow to be blown out of the gauge. In different countries, Hellmann gauges are placed at the height of 0.6 m to 1.5 m above the ground and in some countries they are equipped with a wind shield (such as Nipher shield and Tretyakov shield) at climate stations in mountain regions

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