polarizing film slittingmachine

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strip machine£¬ Stripping Machine £¬ polarizing film slittingmachine£¬ Polarizer film delaminating machine£¬ Polariod tear film machine£¬ POL film delaminating machine £¬ Polarizer detach machines£¬ 1¡¢About the application field of POL film delaminating machine X CP32-J1 polarizers delaminating machine is widely used in LCD TVs, LCD laptop, LCD screen, less than 80-inch LCD screen (LCD) assembly / repair and other manufacturers. 2¡¢About the basic parameters of POL film delaminating machine X CP32-J1 Input Power£¬ AC220V 50-60 HZ Vacuum treatment£¬ External vacuum Exercise£¬ synchronous movement of the wheel with force Temperature range£¬ RT-500 adjustable Working gas supply £¬0.4-0 .8 MPA Program control£¬ PLC controller Operating modes£¬ 7-inch HMI Static Elimination£¬ the elimination of ionic wind Applicable Size£¬ 65 inches below (choose Custom) Body main material£¬ high-strength aluminum electrophoresis Heating£¬ temperature heating (four partitions) Body Weight£¬ 200KG Thermocouple£¬ K type 3¡¢About the functions and characteristics of POL film delaminating machine X CP32-J1 3.1 Selected high precision concentric hobbing steel wheel tear film inside, with characteristics of not easy to slip, not easily off the teeth, not easily deformed, long without spacing . 3.2 Uses nine groups concentric horizontal anti-static plastic rollers form negative auxiliary stage, which greatly reduces the breakage rate which generated by non-horizontal force or resistance to movement due to the process of peeling off film. 3.3 During equipment work process with high-power remote anti-static treatment and Ionizing Air Blower to eliminate electrostatic. 3.4 Use Japan temperature controller quad preheat and built-in PID self-tuning function module, temperature is more precise. 3.5 Waste transfer device use and control system used in Japan, 7-inch man-machine interface controls. 3.6 Device parameters and specifications can be customized and modified according to customer requirements.

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Shenzhen Sunsom automatic equipment Co.,Ltd . is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D,manufacturing and sales of LCD automatic equipment.we stick to the the enterprise spirit of " efficiency and practicality",have successfully developed: Constant Heat Bonding Machine,Pulse Heat Bonding Machine ,ACF Taking Machine,automation bubble-removing Machine,Polarizer Delaminator,HSC Bonding Machine ,large size TFT Bonding Machine ,PDP Bonding Machine,COG Alignment Machine,COG Bonding Machine,COG Previous Testor,COG Final Testor,ITO Tester,Opencell Testor and etc.These machines are widely applied to flat panel TFT/LCD .PDA,PDA;soldering of FPC and FFC to PCB ;polarizer removing,polarizer laminating,ACF laminating,polarizer claving process as well as various flat panel displays bonding and connecting process.