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XCA Series Chain Hoist is a portable lifting device easily operated by hand, which is also called Chain block, Hand chain hoist, Hand operated hoist, Mechanical hoist and Manual hoist. It is suitable for use in factories, mines, farms, construction sites, agricultural production, and in wharfs, docks and storages for fixing machines, lifting cargos, loading and unloading goods. It is especially advantageous for lifting work in the open air and places where no power supply is available. The chain block can be attached to a trolley of any type as a traveling chain block. It is suitable to monorail overhead conveying system, handtravelling crane and jib crane. Detailed Description 1. Gear They are innovated symmetrical arrayed high speed synchronous gears, and are made of international standard gear steel. Compared with common gears, they are more wearable and steadier, and more laborsaving. Standard international gear steel is two times as wear-resisting degree as the ordinary chain block, rotation is more stable and hand pulling force is more light. 2. Chain Adopt high strong chain and high precision welding technology, meet ISO3077-1984 international standard; fit for gusty overload work conditions; bring your hands a better feeling; multi-angle operation: changing the ordinary chain block only vertical downward pull, fit to greater scope. Hand Chain: material A3, 30 grade,galvanized, Lifting chain: material 20MN2, G80 grade,black. 3. Hook Made of high-class alloy steel, it has high strength and high security by using the new design. and make sure the goods will not be decoupled. 4. Limit switch Using limit switch component in design to protect the chain and ensure the security. Both upper and bottom hook have limit switch part prevent chain escaping. 5. Components The main components are all made of high-class alloy steel, with high precision and security.

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Sky Ram hoists, focus on Electric Chain Hoist, Electric Wire Rope Hoist, Manual Hoist and Crane Components. electric chain hoist: 0.5T-35T electric wire rope hoist: 0.5T-20T manual hoist: chain hoist: 0.5T-50T lever hoist: 0.75T -9T AIl the products are follow up standards of EC, FEM, DIN, CMAA and UL/CSA. are ISO9001, CE, GS, SGS approved. Sky Ram products are one year for fully guarantee. And in this year if the products broken caused by Mechanical problem, all of the spare part is free. The service of the products are all though the products’ life. More details pls visit our website: