Glyceryl Dioleate 25637-84-7

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Glycerin fatty acid ester introduction Ivory solid powder or yellow liquid. Not easy to dissolve in water, could disperse in water after greatly oscillating with hot water. Could dissolve in organic solvent such as ethanol, benzene, acetone, mineral oil and fixed oil. No toxic no harm, good stability. 1, In food industry, it has the function as emulsify, disperse, defoaming, blister, antistaling of starch and control fat agglutination, usually used as agent in candy, ice cream, cookie and bread. When used in beverage, could avoid ester to float, and avoid protein to sink, therefore to improve stability. When used in bread, cookie , could improve organization structure, increase volume, antistaling, prolong warranty validity. 2, In pharm industry, used as ointment, emulsifiable paste, suppository, lotion, emulsifier in air agent, stabilizing agent, lubricating agent, antifoaming agents. 3, Used in PE, PP, PVC as internal antistat, the dosage is 0.5 ¨C 2.0%. 4, In cosmetic industry, used as emulsifier, thickening agent, thickening agent and antifoaming agents in lotion and cream. Product Name:Glyceryl Dioleate CAS No: 25637-84-7 Item Specification Result Appearance Yellow oily liquid Qualified Effective Content ¡Ý98.5 98.8 Acid Value£¨mgKOH/g£© ¡Ü 2.0 0.65 Hydroxyl Value£¨mgKOH/g£© 115-135 129 Saponification Value£¨mgKOH/g£© 135£­155 147 Free Glycerol ¡Ü 0.5 --- Heavy Metal £¨Pb£©% ¡Ü 0.005 --- Arsenic £¨As£©% ¡Ü 0.002 --- Iodine Value:£¨g I2/100g£© ¡Ý 50 79 Freezing Point£¨¡æ£© ¡Ü 10 --- HLB £¨Calculated Value)

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