Ultraloc Super Glue

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ISO 9001:2008
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Dec,31, 2023

Ultraloc Super Glue Liquid and Ultraloc Super Glue GEL can instantly bond together a wide variety of materials. In independent tests Ultimate Strength Ultraloc outperformed other products in a number of areas-see the test report at Ultraloc.eu.com. Ideal for mending broken items or just be creative, the intense bonding power achieved by Ultraloc provides a perfect join every time. Fitted with a unique pin cap that helps to prevent the nozzle from clogging and seals the glue for a clean mess free storage. With correct use and care the nozzle will help keep the glue fresh and usable for longer once opened. Easy Application, quick setting, high strength, for thousands of uses around the home, car, workshop, hobbies and crafts etc. Use on wood, plastic, metal, ceramics, glass, rubber, leather, electronic boards. Precise nozzle for precision Power application. Patented POS Box-Can be setup in seconds. National Brand recognition. Gap fill gel formula also available.

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