1/3 HP Effluent Pumps

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Dec,31, 2023

DESCRIPTION Impeller: Recessed (Vortex) design- reduces bearing load & Increases Bearing Life. Recessed design helps to prevent clogging of Pump. Material is High Temperature, Corrosion Resistant, Glass filled Nylon for Extra Strength and Durability. Shaft Seals: Full Mechanical Seal (Carbon / Ceramic). Lip Seal in Tandem W/ Mechanical Seal for redundant Shaft Sealing and additioual Sealing Protection For the Motor Bearings: Dual (upper & lower) Ball Bearings-Far superior to" ball/sleeve" and " Sleeve/Sleeve" Bearing designs Pump Motor Housing: Rugged Cast Iron Motor housing. Features Execellent Heat Conduction from the motor to the Fluid being Pumpedfor longer Motor Life Power Cords: Are Triple Sealed-using, Cord connector, Epoxy Potted with individual conductors stripped internally and Epoxy Sealed around each conductor, to seal and prevent wicking leaks Motor: Permanent Split Capacitor design ¡VFeatures Lower starting Currents W/ higher starting Torque, Lower Starting current gives longer Life to Level con trol switches Capacitor is mounted internally, No start Switch or Coutrol Box is Required Thermol overload is mounted directly on the Windings for Preventing Motor Failure due to excessively high Motor Temperatures to motor Windings Oil-filled provides: Constant Bearing lubrication. maximum motor cooling (conducts heat from motor to the Fluids being Pumped) Helps provide even Heat distribution, throughout the motor housing, Helping to eliminate "hot Spots" as seen in Air filled motors, which has a very low Coefficient for Heat Transfer!

Company Profile

Our chief engineer𠏋 career spans 47 years in the pump industry, holder of many patents relating to Sewage, Grinder-Pumps, and level controls.