Electromagnetic Stirring System EMS For Steel Slab

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Dec,31, 2023

There are three kinds of EMS according to installation position --Mould Electromagnetic Stirrer : M-EMS --Strand Electromagnetic Stirrer: S-EMS --Final Electromagnetic Stirrer: F-EMS EM BRAKEE: MBR and FC Mould M-EMS: EMS is installed inside or outside the mould S-EMS:t here are three modes: behind the rollers; insert the rollers; roller type 1.M-EMS for slab Two coils shall be installed along width direct between meniscus and side hole of outlet. Fed by triphase power, it will produce traveling wave field. It is mainly used for medium and thick slab with low casting speed 2.S-EMS for slab ---E M S behind the rollers EMS is installed behind the rollers, in one side or each side. It needs little change of caster and installation is simple. It can be moved promptly when breakouts happen. Stirring freq: 0.5 ~ 5Hz. 3.EMS inserting the rollers ---Two coils are installed in each side of the curve. The head of EMS is small to insert between rollers and be near to slab. Stirring effect is good for its high efficiency and low energy consumption. Stirring freq: 6~ 20Hz. 4.EMS of roller type ---EMS shall be made with the same size of the roller, and placed of rollers, installed in each side of the curve. These two couple stirring rollers are of CrNi heat-proof stainless steel. It is simple to install EMS without limit of caster size. Stirring freq is 2 ~ 5Hz

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